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1. Why Noor Iranian Film Festival?

The Noor Iranian Film Festival (NIFF) was created to bridge the gap between Iranian and non-Iranian communities. Our goal is to shed "noor," or light, on Iranian culture through the medium of cinema. The festival also aims to cultivate and promote Iranian-American talent in Hollywood. NIFF allows filmmakers to create dialogue on a global scale, express themselves, and to build a community of Iranians, and non-Iranians, that will help preserve and promote the beauty and essence of Iranian culture.

2. What makes NIFF different?

Our focus and our reach... By presenting films from Iran and around the world that an American audience would not typically have access to, we strive to bring diverse communities together through the storytelling medium of film. We foster a greater appreciation of Iranian-American culture and its contribution to the American cultural landscape.

3. Who are you affiliated with?

No one. The NIFF is an independent, non-religious, non-political festival. Funding comes from corporate sponsors, individual patrons and ticket sales. We have no affiliation with other groups or government agencies. To learn more about the sponsorship and advertising opportunities NIFF offers, please visit our Sponsors page.

4. How do I get involved?

There are many opportunities to participate with the Noor Iranian Film Festival. You can submit a film, attend the screenings and award ceremony, volunteer to help with festival logistics, and spread the word on social media. To find out more and get involved, complete our online volunteer application.

5. How are films selected and judged?

FILM SUBMISSIONS: NIFF accepts films from Iranian filmmakers, films made about Iran or Iranians, and/or films that include Iranians as part of the cast or crew. Films may not be affiliated with any political or religious organization. For a more complete list of submission requirements, including submission fees and deadlines, view our Filmmakers page.

JUDGING: Film submissions are first reviewed by NIFF organizers and staff who assess them for their narrative content, themes explored and technical production. Films that pass the first cut are then delivered to the panel of celebrity judges for their consideration. Awards are presented during the festival.

6. How do I get tickets?

Approximately one month before the festival festival passes and tickets to individual screenings will be made available for purchase online.