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2015 Festival

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The 2015 (8th Annual) Noor Iranian Film Festival originally scheduled for October 2015 was postponed to 2016.

Citing a deficiency in funds, the Festival’s Director and Co-Founder, Siamak Ghahremani said, “Postponing the festival will give us more time to form strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and to secure additional corporate and individual sponsorships. We look forward to our return next year.”

The goal of the festival is to shed “noor”, or light, on the Iranian culture and to build a community of both Iranians and non-Iranians through a shared interest in cinema. NIFF also aims to cultivate and promote Iranian talent in Hollywood. Per the rules, NIFF accepts films from Iranian filmmakers, films made about Iran or Iranians, and films that include Iranians as part of the cast or crew.

The organization, the only one of its kind that takes place outside of Iran, saw the highest audience turnout in the festival’s history in 2014. Additionally, submissions for this year’s festival were up by more than 35%. This increased interest from the public and the artists’ demand for an outlet confirmed organizers decision to postpone the event to allow for more time to gain the appropriate funding to allow for a proper platform for the films to be shown.

As a result of the date change, organizers extended the submissions deadline to October 30, 2015.

Submissions are now closed.


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