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Farajallah Heidari confirms as a judge

on August 30, 2013

We are proud to announce that Mr. Farajallah Heidari has accepted our invitation to be the final judge of the 2013 NIFF.

Farajallah Heidari is one of the most experienced and reputable cinematographers of Iran presently. He started his activities in the field of cinematography in the year 1970 with the movie "kooche Mardha". He has been active in more than 100 movies in the past 40 years as a cinematographer in valuable films such as " Naseredin Shah, actor of cinema", " Train", " Parkway" and " Rule of the Game". He won the Crystal Pheonix for the best cinematography in the movie "Atash" (Thirst) from the Fajr International Film Festival. He was a nominee for The Best Cinematography in the 25th Fajr International Film Festival for "Rule of the Game". He has also participated in the House of Cinema events in Iran and the Fajr International Film Festivals as a judge for Cinematography several times. Faraj Heidari has also produced five films.

We look forward to working with him.