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Actress Mahnaz Afshar confirms as a judge!

on September 04, 2014
Actress Mahnaz Afshar confirms as a judge!

Mahnaz Afshar was born in Tehran on June 11, 1977. After graduating college, one of her relatives who was the Theater Affairs Assistant in "Soureh" college introduced her to "Hannaneh" Art institute. Having studied video editing in the following years, she participated in assembly job of "Ketabe Avval" training materials, directed by Darioush Mehrjooii. Later on, she was invited by Ms. Shamsi Fazl Elahi to act in a TV series called "Gomshodeh" (Lost) directed by Mr. Masud Navaii, making this her first acting debut.

Her professional career continued by acting in a movie called "Doostam" (Friends) Directed by Alishah Hatami. The movie was never released and was banned. Her first work that was shown to the public was a film called "Shoure Eshgh" (Passion of Love), which received positive reviews by audience and critics and was the beginning of her popularity as an actress. Later she appeared in popular films such as "Atashbas" (Truce), "Salade Fasl" (Salad of the season), "Coma", "Barf roo kajha" (Snow on Pines), and "Wooden Bridge".

For more information please visit: http://mahnazafshar.org and her IMDB page.