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Bahar Sedarati

Board of Advisors

Bahar Sedarati, M.D. is a Board-Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine. A graduate from the Yale University-affiliated St. Mary's Hospital in Connecticut, Dr. Sedarati is passionate about raising awareness regarding heart disease in the community.

Dr. Sedarati was awarded the Guardian of the Heart Award 2012 for outstanding effort in raising awareness for heart disease and is an official Ambassador for the foundation. She strives to educate people about self-respect, understanding one's value, and how self-discipline, hard work and persistence can transform an individual and help them grow.

She plays a huge role in local charities. She is a board member for Life is Beautiful Charity and Tosi Health, Organic/Gluten-free nutritional supplements. She has also devoted time to the Lupus and Autoimmunity Awareness Association and Miss OC Regional Pageant.