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Roxana Rastegar

Board of Advisors

After graduating from the American University of Paris with a B.A. in comparative literature, Roxana Rastegar came to Los Angeles to continue her education, receiving a M.A. in theater arts from Cal State LA. A talented artist, Roxana began working as a professional photographer before later joining the Avaz International Dance Company. As a member, she has performed all over the US, including such acclaimed venues as the Japan American Theater, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and Royce Hall.

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Roxana has also done voice work in several original radio plays heard on KIRM in Los Angeles and worked for Persian satellite TV. She was in the long-running hit plays The 99 Cent Family, and Death, a Very Serious Comedy. Roxana has also co-produced Otis E, a feature film in which she also had a role.